Reduced-Exertion High Intensity Interval Training (REHIIT)

CAR.O.L is an AI-powered, interactive stationary exercise bike used for reduced exertion high intensity interval training (REHIIT). CAR.O.L’s algorithms instantly create and apply personalized resistance to achieve supramaximal power every workout. HIIT workouts have proven to be much more potent and time-efficient than medium intensity cardio training in improving cardiovascular health.

“Lack of time” is the most often cited reason for not exercising regularly. Research has shown that CAR.O.L delivers superior results with only three 8 minute REHIIT sessions per week when compared to five 30 minute medium intensity workouts per week.


  • Incredibly short workout duration — 8 minutes with only 40 seconds of high intensity exercise
  • Reduces triglycerides while increasing HDL cholesterol
  • Excellent modality for lowering blood pressure and reducing heart disease
  • Achieves superior cardiorespiratory fitness (i.e. VO2 max) and cardiometabolic health when compared to traditional medium intensity cardio workouts
  • Lowers blood sugar
  • Effective for body fat loss and reduction in waist circumference
  • Significantly more effective at lowering cardiometabolic disease risk when compared to conventional exercise
  • Rapid glycogen depletion activates survival pathways which stimulates mitochondrial development
  • Monitors and tracks your data in real time as well as your progress over time

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