Adaptive Resistance Training

ARX is resistance training technology that uses computer-controlled, motorized resistance in place of weights or other more traditional forms of resistance. This “adaptive resistance” provides safe, controlled, and quantifiable resistance that is of a higher quality than is currently possible with weights or other gravity-based systems found in the world today.


  • ARX responds to any user instantly and automatically, providing the perfect amount of resistance, 100% of the time
  • Achieves resistances that are otherwise impossible with weights
  • Grows new muscle mass in only minutes per week compared to hours per week
  • Dramatically lowers your risk of injury
  • Stimulates bone growth and bone density
  • Monitors and tracks your quantified data in real time as well as your progress over time
  • Safe for rehabilitation and post-rehabilitation exercise
  • When used in conjunction with aerobic training is proven to reduce all cause and cause specific mortality

A State Of The Art Facility

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