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The Latest Treatments for ED & Low Testosterone and Performance

Did you know that testosterone naturally begins to decline with age and that factors like being overweight, experiencing high stress, use of certain pharmaceutical drugs and testicular injuries can accelerate something referred to as testosterone deficiency. This condition can lead to a wide range of health problems, performance issues, and more. While it is not the only consideration for men wanting to look, feel, and perform better, a comprehensive look at key health markers, including your hormones is essential to re-living 20 something year old you!

Potential Symptoms of
Testosterone Deficiency

Physical symptoms of testosterone deficiency may include: 

  • Erectile dysfunction 
  • Premature ejaculation  
  • Lack of energy or fatigue 
  • Decreased endurance  
  • Muscle weakness and/or a loss of muscle mass  
  • Weight gain and increased abdominal fat 
  •  Increased hair loss  

Psychological symptoms of testosterone deficiency can include:

  • Low sex drive  
  • Decreased  motivation  
  • Low self esteem  
  • Depression 
  • Anxiety  
  • Irritability  
  • Mood swings
  • Insomnia  
  • Loss of concentration

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Who is Affected by Low-T Levels?

On average, once a man reaches his late 30’s to early 40’s, testosterone levels begin to decrease by about one percent each year. This loss can be made worse for multiple reasons that should be investigated.

Whatever your age and no matter the cause, hormonal deficiency can lead to health issues and wreak havoc on your sex life, physical health, and even mental well-being. If left untreated, it even has the potential to diminish longevity

Just because declining testosterone levels are a natural part of the aging process, does not mean that you should have to live with the challenges testosterone deficiency creates. If you suspect you may have low-T levels, you don’t have to suffer in silence– there are a lot of options available.

Treating Testosterone Deficiency & increasing performance

If you believe you may be suffering from testosterone deficiency or even if you just don’t feel at your best anymore, getting an evaluation and potentially a diagnosis is your first step. Your first instinct may be to set up an appointment with your family physician, but they may not be able to help as much as you may hope.

A recent nationwide assessment conducted by the Canadian Urology Association shows more than 25% of physicians are not comfortable diagnosing and treating testosterone deficiency due to “significant knowledge gaps related to patient management.” The healthcare system can also be slow to adopt research-based technological advances available to slow disease and delay death. Men facing low-T issues or seeking overall health optimization benefit from working with experts who keep pace with technological advances and embrace continually emerging evidence to promote health and wellness. 

This is where Aeon excels. Our team, led by a Medical Doctor with advanced training in men’s bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), along with a Naturopathic Doctor, nutrition coach, and health coach will build and support you on your journey to better health. We recognize that each person is unique and requires a tailored treatment plan that looks at blood work, in house testing and personal data through your wearables and incorporates leading edge technology treatments and supplements or pharmaceuticals where appropriate.  On size does not fit all so it’s critical to take the time to work with a team and figure out what works best for you and what you can sustain long term.

The Program

Everything we do at Aeon Future Health is based on our belief that the aging process can be slowed and that preventative strategies are a vital component to a high-quality life now and ultimately a longer, healthier future. This means that our programs are designed for long-term sustainability with an initial emphasis on returning you to optimal health and then keeping you there. Programs are phased and give you a year-long roadmap to follow.

Advanced detection and intervention are the keys to disease prevention and early aging. Our program begins with an assessment phase.

1. Assessment Phase

This phase includes:

  • Review of your medical history, lifestyle, risk factors, and medications.
  • An extensive blood panel of over 40 key biomarkers including hormones, lipids, and vitamin D status to assess and predict your risk for the leading causes of disease
  • Setup on Aeon’s fitness & health wearable monitoring technology platform
  • 3D Styku external body scan
  • ARX strength testing
  • Consultation with your medical team
  • Personalized treatment plan which includes all aspects of health intervention

2. Treatment Phase

This 12-week phase includes:

  • Initiation of Aeon’s 4 phase fitness program which includes personal training on our AI and machine based fitness technology
  • Custom nutrition plan and ongoing check ins with your Nutrition coaches
  • Wearable monitoring with an Aeon health coach and your MD (if deemed appropriate)
  • Follow up lab testing (additional cost)
  • Follow up consultation with your MD and ND and adjustments to your treatments, pharmaceuticals, and supplements as needed
  • Aeon technology treatments as prescribed in your treatment plan

After this 12-week phase concludes, you will move into the optimization phase of the program where we are able to fine tune your program so that you feel your best and are setup with actions, activities, and treatments you can maintain over time.

3. Optimization Phase

 This ongoing phase (every quarter) includes:

  • Ongoing monitoring of at home fitness and health wearables
  • Progression through Aeon’s 4 phase fitness program
  • Ongoing consultation and monitoring with your Nutrition coach and Aeon health coach
  • Follow up lab testing (additional cost) 
  • Follow up consultation with your MD and ND to adjustment your treatments, pharmaceuticals, and supplements as needed
  • Aeon technology treatments as prescribed to maintain your results
  • Prescription refills, as needed

Given the complexities of the human body, optimizing your health and tackling testosterone deficiency is never a quick fix. However, when combined with lifestyle changes, partnering with medical experts who will map out a comprehensive plan that embraces cutting-edge approaches and taps into the best technology, can change your life!

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