Meet Jessica Janzen,

busy mom,
and philanthropist
in Calgary


Jess' Story

Jessica, or Jess, as her friends call her is like many women and moms. She is busy juggling life’s priorities, looking after her health as best she could but still carrying an extra 15 unwanted pounds and feeling like she could do more to truly feel her best.

Like many of us, Jess felt that overall, she was in good health. Her checkups with her family doctor were just fine and if she was feeling tired or stressed, well, that just comes with the territory of being an entrepreneur and a mom of three.




Then, out of the blue

A close friend of hers who appeared to be in great health was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer.

It sent Jess looking for a health provider who would look deeper into her health and help her maximize her health potential. Plus, if optimizing her health could also help her shed the last 15 pounds since the birth of her last child, that would a great bonus.


Being Optimization and longevity experts, we do things a little differently.

We start with a 3D body scan, conduct an ARX strength test, do detailed bloodwork to get a complete baseline of who you are and discover your areas for improvement. We look beyond “normal” and based on how you feel, help find optimal and high performing ranges for you.

Through our co-care model, our MDs, NDs, nutrition and fitness experts, look at key pillars of your health, diet, exercise, sleep, and stress management. We have leading technologies, the latest medical modalities and protocols, supplements and medications and hormone replacement therapies that can all be leveraged to create a plan that is 100% unique to you. Setting you up for success today, and ultimately, ten years from now.

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Jess started with our comprehensive assessment

Aeon’s approach to optimizing Jess's health started with this comprehensive assessment and health information gathering. Jess was surprised to find out that she was a little low in iron, and although she wasn’t a diabetic, by wearing a continuous glucose monitor, she learned to prevent recurring sugar spikes by making some high impact by easy changes to how, when, and what she ate.

Next, Jess ditched her home workouts.

Jess was also familiar with working out. She even had her own workout equipment at the house. However, by ditching her home workouts and opting to use the latest technology for a modern workout, she optimized her fitness level and body composition, with a mere 30 min commitment per week.

She layered in our Bio-hacking technology

When Jess came to Aeon for her workouts, she also layered in lymphatic drainage and the infrared sauna to support her metabolic shift, manage inflammation, and drop any extra water weight. It was the perfect one-two punch for someone with a hectic schedule.

Her Progress was Accelerated with customized supplements

Of course, no tailored program is complete without the appropriate natural supplements, medications and IVs when required. By working with the Aeon medical team, Jess was prescribed the medications and lifestyle adjustments that helped her to attain sustainable results.

Jess Lost 30 lbs and Feels Great

Jess couldn’t be happier, since completing her 12-week Treatment Program and starting into her long-term Optimization Program she has lost 30 lbs and is feeling like her teenage self again. In Jess's words, Aeon helps her feel her best so that she can run at her best! Yes, her results have doubled since she spoke to us on video.

If Jess's story resonates with you, you don’t have to struggle to figure it all out on your own. Women come to Aeon for all sorts of reasons ranging from a frustration with weight gain, loss of energy, sleepless night, or a decrease in libido. At Aeon, Jess’s story is not uncommon so the team here is well versed at. Our goal ultimately is to help you look, feel, and perform at your best now and into the future!

CALL: 403-454-8777 now or BOOK an info call WITH DR. BASTIAN.

Bookings are limited to only ten appointments per week

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