How to Build Healthy Habits

We love the book Atomic Habits by James Clear and the takeaways he shares to re-hardwire our decision making habits. Here are some of our favorite tips that ensure we’re on track to our goal of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Change from Outcome-Based Habit to Identity Based Habits

  • Focusing on a goal weight is important but it’s also arbitrary. And once you achieve that goal, your focus shifts elsewhere and the weight is likely to come right back.
  • Instead, focus on the person you would like to become and create habits that person would do.
  • Ask these questions: What would a healthy person do in this situation? What might someone who prioritizes their fitness do this month? This way, if you stumble you don’t like a failure because, well, even healthy people are human.

Take away the negative habits first:

Big positive and consistent habits are important but the first key is taking care of the negative ones. Strong negative habits can take over the potential gains from the good habits being formed. Take away a few of those small negative habits and watch the slow momentum build.

Willpower isn’t a plan:

We just aren’t built to maintain long-term health goals on our own. Multiple studies show weight loss and health are far more successful when a team approach is instituted. So, find a team that can help you stay accountable to your goals.

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