Benefit From Your Benefits

Using your health benefits can often come as an after-thought, or worse yet, reactive: booking a massage when tense shoulders start triggering headaches or visiting the chiropractor when your back gives out. This is the year to get proactive and benefit more from your health benefits!

At Aeon Future Health, many of our treatments are covered by health benefit providers. We build our patients a comprehensive picture of their current health and develop a detailed, individualized plan to not only improve, but maintain results as well. 

How Can You Use Your Benefits at Aeon?

While we can’t know exactly what your plan covers, we have seen patients successfully use benefits or Health Spending Accounts in the following areas:

  • IV Therapy & Injection Therapies
  • MD-prescribed medications
  • MD-prescribed health technologies treatments
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Naturopathic Doctor (ND) services
  • ND-requisitioned bloodwork

Our in-house MD is able to provide prescriptions for many types of health services that may not be covered if purchased in a non-medical setting. Extended health benefits that include a Health Spending Account, Out of Hospital Nursing Coverage, and/or Paramedical (Naturopathic Doctors) may be eligible to have some or all costs reimbursed.

Check With Your Provider

We recommend patients check with their benefits provider on what can be covered in advance of purchase to ensure reimbursement and we are happy to provide verification documentation.

“I am making an effort to fully optimize my health this year and was very pleased to have my men’s health assessment and treatment program covered through my company benefits and health spending account.”
– Shaun, Interior Designer/President

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