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Rebuild Your Strength With Iron

Did you know that iron deficiency is the most common nutrition deficiency worldwide? Whether due to improper diet or medical reasons, many of us are not getting enough iron. An essential component to overall health, this nutrient works to preserve vital bodily functions such as energy, focus, gastrointestinal health and immunity. Iron deficiency symptoms can […]

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Biohacking Mini Conference – EO Calgary

Dr. Johnathan Bastien and Lisa Krzyzewski present the Top 5 “biohacks” for Performance, Health and Longevity at EO Calgary’s Biohacking Mini Conference.

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Is prediabetes sneaking up on you?

Maybe it’s harder to lose weight, you notice you are extra tired in the afternoon or a few hours after eating, or you are getting more cravings than you used to. Could this be a sign of something more serious?  You may be familiar with the term diabetes, but have you heard of insulin resistance? […]

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The Measures of Success

If your boss asked you to start using a typewriter, you’d question their sanity. However, we don’t bat an eye stepping on a scale at the gym assuming that is our best indicator of health. Every major company uses detailed metrics to set goals for their staff and then evaluates their progress. They aren’t doing […]

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Benefit From Your Benefits

Using your health benefits can often come as an after-thought, or worse yet, reactive: booking a massage when tense shoulders start triggering headaches or visiting the chiropractor when your back gives out. This is the year to get proactive and benefit more from your health benefits! At Aeon Future Health, many of our treatments are […]

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How to Build Healthy Habits

We love the book Atomic Habits by James Clear and the takeaways he shares to re-hardwire our decision making habits. Here are some of our favorite tips that ensure we’re on track to our goal of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Change from Outcome-Based Habit to Identity Based Habits Focusing on a goal weight is important […]

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